Beautiful house floor plans are not sufficient for fulfilling your desire of owning a durable home. You need to pay heed to functional things rather than fancy features in order to make your home long lasting. The factor that affects the strength of a house is cement. So, you have to ensure that right quality of cement be used while constructing a building.

  • If you do not know how to check the quality of cement, you need not worry. Beforehand, you should acquaint yourself with various grades of cements.

    Various Grades of Cement
    Different types of cement are manufactured which are meant for fulfilling specific needs. Certain factors like design parameters, functional requirements, environmental conditions and durability characteristics affect the selection of cement.

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    cement crack
  • The crucial part in determining cement quality is checking for its grade. A grade helps in determining the robustness of cement after twenty-eight days from its usage.

    Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) comes in Various Forms

     33 Grade OPC
     43 Grade OPC
     53 Grade OPC

    33 Grade cement is used to carry out general construction tasks such as plastering in normal environment conditions. 43 Grade cement finds immense usage for constructing homes. It has its applications in brickwork, foundations, precast items, plastering, compound wall, finishing works, etc.
    The 53 Grade cement helps in attaining strength at faster rate. This kind of OPC is used for constructing high-rise buildings.

    Know About Colors of Cement
    Apart from learning various grades of cement, you should also know about its color. The residential building construction makes use of grey colored cement. While white cement is used for exterior and interior decorations and for developing architectural beauty.
    By this time, you have gained knowledge about features of OPC.

    Now, you need to go through following tips for purchasing top quality of cement.
    In first place, you need to select a reputed manufacturer. Then, you have to check for the certification mark. Verify the grade of cement, which you wish to use for construction purpose based on your needs.
    Always ensure that cement bags are sealed with machine stitching. Never purchase bags, which are torn and stitched later. Purchase those cement bags that have not crossed six months. Lastly, check for manufacturer’s trademark or name.
    After you have purchased cement for construction purpose, it is time to check the quality of cement.

    Several Factors Determine Quality Of Cement.
    When you insert your hand in cement bag, it should provide you with cool feeling or when you take a pinch of OPC in your hand and rub between fingers, it should give smooth finish. The color of the cement should be greenish gray. Good quality cement does not contain dust or form lumps.
    When you throw some cement in a bucket containing water, the cement should float for some time before sinking. So, you can easily differentiate between top quality cement brands and those containing impurities.

  • Checking Hardness
    Take some cement and prepare paste. Place it on a plate by giving square shape. Then immerse the plate in bucket filled with water. After 24 hours, if the shape is unchanged, it shows that the cement has hardened.
    So, you have seen that determining quality of cement for construction purpose is not a difficult job. Top quality cement can assure you safety of your home for long period.